Enriching lives through innovative design.

Workplace culture is integral to our company and business practices. Our dynamic culture is a balance between passion, communication, and team building— and it cultivates something awesome. We’re not just architects, we’re true partners that are easy to work with, love what we do and will support you and your vision.

A unique blend of in-house experience

Diversification across complementary market sectors is key to M+A’s success. For each of these specialities, there is a studio of professionals who are passionate and focused on architecture function, style and trends relative to their specific market. Because of this broad, in-house knowledge, M+A can pull resources into your project, bridging perspectives and drawing inspiration during the creative process.

Balancing the art and science of architecture

We practice “Smart Design.” It’s the ability to be pragmatic dreamers, design-oriented technicians, and personable teammates, yet functional architects. We’re focused on the technical components of architecture to make sure your project fits your needs, but we’ll also provide you with creative, innovative designs. It’s the perfect balance between the art and science of architecture, matching creativity with practicality for an optimal outcome.

Change Management

Effectively communicating with your staff on upcoming changes can affect the overall outlook on the change your company is going through. Adapting to a new work environment can be tough for staff. We can help ease transition through a communication plan and user group feedback.

Environmental Graphics-01

Environmental Graphics

Designing printed graphics and tactile installations that seamlessly integrate into an environment to communicate a sense of place through organizing information, amplifying a brand, or defining a culture.

Interior Design

Creating environments that work on an aesthetic and functional level, interior design is an extension of the building’s architectural concepts. We seamlessly tie the two together by incorporating unique design details that represent the distinctive aspects of your business.

Master Planning

Long-range planning efforts aimed at optimizing your current and future facilities in support of your organization’s mission, operational needs or business goals.