Innovative Design

We are enriching lives through innovative design.

We design for the future, evolving and organically growing through strategic relationships with our respected partners. By influencing design on a national level, we seek to enhance communities and to elevate human experiences.

Technically adept and dedicated to design, M+A harnesses construction technology to improve our world. With an unwavering curiosity, the firm designs to define new ways to elevate human experiences that will enrich lives. M+A is designing for the future with infinite possibilities.

Having confidence doesn't mean having an ego.

M+A's confidence is multidimensional. While our associates each have confidence in their expertise and skill-sets, what makes M+A different is our confidence in one another, our company and our clients.

Collaboration. Finding purpose in partnerships.

Readily understood and honest at our core, we work together with ease and are committed to effective communication. M+A is an undisputed genuine experience; we do what we say and say what we do.

Sometimes fun and professionalism must go hand-in-hand.

In our business, complex projects can take months, even years. So, it's critical for all concerned to make that process as enjoyable as possible. That's why we foster a creative, comfortable work environment. And fun, friendly working relationships. After all, you should enjoy the process of making your vision a well-constructed reality.

A good architect is equal parts adviser and advocate.

An architect has the unique role of translating someone's idea into brick, concrete, and steel. It's permanent. So, to get that right, we need to get our clients. Become part of their team. Know their business well enough to discover unforeseen obstacles and opportunities before building. We do, and in turn, we help them make more informed decisions.