Smart Design

We believe in balancing the art and science of architecture.

By practicing our Smart Design philosophy, we're able to match creativity with practicality. At our core, we strive to be confident, collaborative, progressive, driven, proactive, and knowledgeable. These values guide our holistic design approach. Our style is not preconceived. We use our diverse experience to your benefit. Pulling resources, as needed, into your project. Bridging perspectives and drawing inspiration from each other during the creative process.  


Having confidence doesn't mean having an ego.

There's a quiet confidence that comes when you stand for something other than yourself. Ours comes from an unwavering focus on good design, understanding each client, and achieving the best outcome for their projects.

Collaboration. It's about pushing and pulling points of view.

For some, collaboration is a weekly conference call. For us, it's a bit more involved than that. We take the time to understand everyone's input. We listen, and then recommend. We observe, then design. That way our relationship is greater than the sum of its parts. And, in the end, so is each project.

Sometimes fun and professionalism must go hand-in-hand.

In our business, complex projects can take months, even years. So, it's critical for all concerned to make that process as enjoyable as possible. That's why we foster a creative, comfortable work environment. And fun, friendly working relationships. After all, you should enjoy the process of making your vision a well-constructed reality.

A good architect is equal parts adviser and advocate.

An architect has the unique role of translating someone's idea into brick, concrete, and steel. It's permanent. So, to get that right, we need to get our clients. Become part of their team. Know their business well enough to discover unforeseen obstacles and opportunities before building. We do, and in turn, we help them make more informed decisions.