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#ARCHWeek17 Day 5: Residential Architecture

  • APRIL 13, 2017
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Whether market-rate housing, affordable housing or senior living, each residential project we work on represents a unique opportunity. In honor of The American Institute of Architects' #ARCHWeek17 housing day, I spoke with a few of our project managers on why they are passionate about the residential sector of architecture.

Austin Poe, Project Manager

Why you're passionate about residential architecture: Family is the most important thing to me. It is rewarding to have a positive impact on others by improving their way of life via the place they will call home.

Favorite residential project? The Macy's conversion to a hotel and apartments at Peninsula Town Center. It is fun to breathe life into a town center where people live, work and play.

Jason Jordan, Project Manager

Why you're passionate about residential architecture: It has the most positive impact on human emotion; we always want to get back to it. It is personal, even in a multifamily situation, as we try to give the good spatial "bones", the resident will always make the space their own.

Favorite residential project? Either Pointe at Polaris or Stadium Centre. Both of these projects were about designing a total experience within the building.

Russ Garber
, Associate, Senior Living Lead

Why you're passionate about senior living: It really comes down to the resident and the notion that our design could be the last place they ever live in. All senior living residents have had their own unique journeys and experiences. Creating spaces which can make them the most capable and that optimize the quality of life is an awesome responsibility!

Favorite senior living projectSturbridge Senior Living — it incorporates affordability into senior living design.

Alexandra Peters


Marketing Coordinator

Alex is a marketing coordinator at M+A and a recent graduate of The Ohio State University with a B.A. in strategic communication. She loves watching Friends and hanging out with her real-life ones, too.