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#ARCHWeek17 Day 6: Communities

  • APRIL 14, 2017
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Having the privilege to work on community projects provides a personal sense of pride. Many times, this passion stems from knowing your efforts will benefit the community. In honor of The American Institute of Architects' #ARCHWeek17 communities day, I spoke with M+A staff to find out why they are passionate about the community sector of architecture.

Kyle Miller
, Senior Project Manager

Why you're passionate about communities: The reward is in seeing community pride in the betterment of an area. When people come to work together, there is a great sense of empowerment in what can be accomplished.

Favorite community project? A community playground. Knowing it would make so many kids happy, including my own at the time, made my participation priceless. All of the kids present were able to put their hand print in a concrete wall built on site.

Melissa Olson, Project Manager

Why you're passionate about communities: These building types often bring people together who are working towards a common goal. They can become icons or landmarks in the neighborhood and are therefore fun to design!

Favorite community projectThe Childhood League Center. The process of designing both indoor and outdoor spaces for these children to learn, grow and develop within was a very rewarding process.

Tom Lewis, Senior Designer

Why you're passionate about communities: The idea of working on community projects is why I got into architecture... the idea that architecture matters with the betterment of society.

Favorite community project? The Drexel Theatre. This was one of my proudest projects where the public and private communities pulled together to get the theatre on the national historic register and bring back the theatre experience to its streamline art deco ambiance.

Alexandra Peters


Marketing Coordinator

Alex is a marketing coordinator at M+A and a recent graduate of The Ohio State University with a B.A. in strategic communication. She loves watching Friends and hanging out with her real-life ones, too.