Happy Holidays from Russia

  • DECEMBER 05, 2011
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This past year has been very exciting for our Russia Team.  We have had great success with Wendy's opening their first restaurant in Moscow and continued that success opening several more over the last six months.  We have worked with McDonald's, Shokolandnitsa and recently have been asked to be Burger King's architects for new restaurants in 2012.

The holidays have brought more good news.  We have secured contracts for two large agriculture projects.  One being a new turkey processing plant for Eurodon.  It is the largest project within the turkey industry in Russia.  The other project we are excited about is a large agricultural complex for The Cherkizivo Group.  The land area for this project is 800 Ha (nearly 2000 acres).  We are master planning the project as well as managing the design quality and construction quality for the project.  The project consists of - at a minimum - a poultry processing plant, a pork processing plant, a feed mill including 24 grain elevators, a logistics center, auto park and maintenance facility. M+A will be working with European consultants to design both the poultry and pork processing facilities as well.  Combined, the plants will be nearly 1,000,000 square feet.  We have had a lot to be thankful for and excited for this past year and it looks to be even more exciting next year.

Below are some photos from my recent trip to Russia where I took some time and walked through Red Square to see the holiday lights and trees.  Sorry they are not of better quality - I only had my phone with me.

Happy Holidays and Das sve-da-neey!






Don is the director of M+A's mixed-use and residential studio. He has over 30 years of experience in the architectural and construction field, and his favorite hobby is scuba diving.