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M+A Architects Cincinnati Opens Its Doors!

  • SEPTEMBER 25, 2014
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M+A Architects Cincinnati

After 18 months of intensive market research and planning...we are thrilled to announce M+A Architects Cincinnati is open! What began as an opportunity to better serve our Cincinnati-based owners has now blossomed into a plan for success in the region.

As with most growth, this decision path was not always lineal, but it has now resulted with what we feel is a great solution. Our first opportunities in the city's market emerged in 2011 when in a three month span, one of our clients had recommended us to a new client in Cincinnati, a marketing campaign focused toward affordable housing had hit its target, and a current Columbus client was expanding their restaurant to the area.  Seemingly overnight, we were fortunate to find ourselves with three jobs.  Furthermore, these clients seemed to really react well to our interests in the market and they introduced us to other influential groups in the area.  Within a years’ time we were working with four major developers/companies that were based in Greater Cincinnati on projects not only in the area, but in four other states as well.

This amount work, coupled with great clients, opened our eyes and we took a deeper look into the marketplace.  The decision, although thoughtful and strategic, was surprisingly simple. Cincinnati boasts a market that continues to flourish and we believed that a firm with our broad portfolio, the ability to understand the fusion between private development and public funding, and the fact that we had over 12 local projects were all indicators encouraging us to expand into the region.

Cincinnati Projects

As we go forward with our office planning, we do this with a few things in mind:

  1. 1)   The realization that Cincinnati is a historic, strong and proud city
  2. 2)   Our M+A culture is what makes us successful 

Why only those things, you ask?  Shouldn't you be mindful of profit, trends, and architypes?  Well, of course, and we are; but the reality is that we need to remain true to what has made us a thriving firm for 34 years.  Our success will be based upon our ability to understand and immerse ourselves into the culture of Cincinnati, and to remain the M+A that we are today.  We've been told by clients we are a company that people want to work with. Our people are involved in their communities and we are enablers of development, vision, and space.  We work within our communities from the inside out to make them better. We need to be, and are, dedicated to M+A Architects Cincinnati office — much in the same way we have been for decades in Columbus.

In the upcoming months, we will release more information about our office space, its location, the activities and organizations we plan on supporting, and our M+A Architects Cincinnati staff through our blog and social media presence. We are targeting November 2014 as our grand debut.

But as for now, our soon-to-be Queen City friends and family, be on the lookout for M+A Architects Cincinnati!  We aspire to be the designers, community members, and collaborators standing beside you, helping you achieve your goals and making your city…our city… the best it can be!


Top photo courtesy of Cory Klein, corykleinphotography.com
Right renderings of VP3, currently under construction

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