M+A Architects is Healthier Than Ever

  • MAY 24, 2012
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Like so many other companies, M+A Architects took a big hit with the economic fallout in 2008. We have worked extremely hard to recover and get the company "healthy" again. Our perseverance and hard work is paying off and we are feeling fitter and stronger than we have in years. If 2008 was a slow walk, then we are now at an outright sprint and it feels great!

Getting the company "healthy" has even taken on a more literal meaning over the past 8 months. With the business side of things feeling healthier, some of our employees were interested in looking at their own health and wellness. We started discussing what we could do here at M+A for our own personal improvement and health - together and on a small budget. That's when we realized the possibilities of utilizing the additional unfinished space we had within our office that was reserved for future expansion and created our own gym!

I am a fitness fanatic who participates in a fitness program called Crossfit. One of the employees asked if I would start a program based on the philosophy of Crossfit. The partners bought in to the idea so we cleaned out the unfinished future expansion space and started the M+A "Fit Club." We started out mostly doing body weight exercises and running and then slowly we started accumulating equipment. First we bought a few kettlebells then a used barbell. It was slow and steady but today we look like a legitimate gym!


Along with our original kettlebells we now have several barbells, weights, a pullup bar, med balls and gymnastic rings. Our office is located next to the Urban Active on Goodale Blvd and it's quite comical to see the looks on people's faces as they gaze in to our "gym" from their elliptical machine and see a group of people in the next door office building doing overhead squats with barbells!

We do our workouts at the end of the workday and people love it. Every day the workouts are different and they contain a mixture of body weight exercises, olympic lifting, gymnastic movements and sometimes some running. We work hard and are absolutely exhausted at the end. For me, it's fantastic to watch people do something they never thought they could do. It adds great camaraderie within the office and everyone feels a sense accomplishment when we are done with the workout each day. A healthy company isn't just about the bottom line it's also about the employees. At M+A we're doing our best to make sure the employees are as healthy as the kettlebell swing at a time.



Don is the director of M+A's mixed-use and residential studio. He has over 30 years of experience in the architectural and construction field, and his favorite hobby is scuba diving.