M+A Master Planning Largest Agricultural Project in Russia

  • AUGUST 03, 2012
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M+A Architects along with our Moscow office is working our way through the final stages of master planning the largest agricultural project currently being designed in Russia and Europe.

We are working with the Russian company, The Cherkizovo Group, to design a state of the art agricultural campus. The campus is planned on nearly 1,800 acres and includes industrial, commercial, residential, sports facilities, education and retail uses. The heart of the project is Cherkizovo Group's new pig and chicken processing plant that is approximately 2,000,000 square feet and a new feed mill that includes rail service and thirty 30 meter diameter grain elevators.

The campus is meant to be a self contained "city" where people can work, live and recreate. The long term even includes retail along the major highway running adjacent to the east side of the property. Our master plan has been designed with maintenance facilities, areas for future industrial growth, a fire station, water treatment facilities, power stations, well fields and greenhouses to grow food for the employees. We have also included a "town center" area that is more pedestrian and includes amenities for the users of the area. It houses the main administrative offices, hotel, daycare, research and development center, a technical school, a community center, a soccer stadium, management and executive housing and park area. When completed it is expected that over 5,000 people will work and live here. The project is scheduled to be completed in 3 to 4 years.

M+A is also working with our Moscow office to complete the combined pig and chicken processing plant. The plant will process 9,600 pigs a day over two shifts and the chicken side will process 25,000 birds per day on two lines. The plant is scheduled to open in the 2014. We are working with Falkenstein, a company from Germany, who are doing the initial process design and spacial design. Construction is expected to start in the spring.



Don is the director of M+A's mixed-use and residential studio. He has over 30 years of experience in the architectural and construction field, and his favorite hobby is scuba diving.