M+A to Participate in Bike to Work Week

  • MAY 13, 2011
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The biking advocacy group Consider Biking has set a goal of getting commuters in central Ohio to bike to work at least two days a month by Columbus’ 2012 bicentennial. It is their "2 by 2012" initiative. As part of this initiative they have created bike to work week.

Employees of M+A Architects will be participating in Bike to Work Week which takes place the week of  May16th.  A number of employees have begun their route planning and some have already made test runs to get a feel for how long the commute will take. Our new location in Grandview Yard makes it much easier for several of our employees to use their bike considering the 315 bike trail is so close.

Our employee participation can be tracked by going to our team page at


Don is the director of M+A's mixed-use and residential studio. He has over 30 years of experience in the architectural and construction field, and his favorite hobby is scuba diving.