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Same URL. New Look. Better Functionality.

  • NOVEMBER 21, 2016
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As M+A continues to grow and evolve, we needed our website to follow suit. With its launch, we’re incredibly proud to showcase the significant projects, diverse clients and talented people that make us who we are. We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out, and we hope you enjoy it, too.

Here are five reasons to explore our new website:

1. It’s organized to fit your needs.

The navigation is simplified and the content is cross-connected to make it easier to find information. The whole site is catered to the needs of our diverse clients who all look for different things. You’ll easily find everything you’re looking for — from markets, to people, to projects and insights.


2. It’s people-centric, just like our culture.

Our people are more visually represented to better showcase what it’s like to work with us. We’ve even incorporated our employees’ emails as well as LinkedIn accounts to make it easier for you to get in touch with them directly. Our people truly are our differentiator—their perspectives, their unique skill sets, and their dedication to projects—we’d love for you to get to know them better.


3. It’s responsive to you, wherever you are.

The rise of smartphone and tablet usage isn’t going anywhere and we wanted our website to mirror this technology progression. Whether you’re on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or other device, our website is easy to navigate.


4. It tells an interesting story.

Each and every project has a story—and all of them are built on a foundation of solid partnership, trust, and collaboration. We’re proud to have been part of these significant projects and we’re honored to share their stories. With our new website, we’ve updated our portfolio to feature our freshest projects and latest stories.


5. It’s focused on design and industry trends.

Researching and keeping up with the latest trends is the fuel for our creative. Interested in what’s going on in your market? Visit the insights or expertise pages. Whether you’re a private, public or institutional client, there’s a little something for everyone.



Now… Ready for a challenge?

Come see how easy it is to navigate our new site. Should you accept this mission, here are four challenges for you:

  1. Find a project
  2. View a principal’s bio
  3. Read a blog
  4. Oh, and check out our careers page for openings at M+A!

ALL in under 3 minutes… ready…


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