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Tips for Designing a F&B Corporate Campus

  • APRIL 13, 2017
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In an article published in Modern Restaurant Magazine, M+A's Lori Bongiorno and Carrie Boyd discuss food and beverage (F&B) corporate campus design and its unique challenges and complexities. Using Bob Evans Corporate Campus as an example, Bongiorno and Boyd reflect on five areas of focus (listed below) and how F&B organizations can leverage design to showcase their food, continue to innovate, and enhance recruitment and retention efforts.  

Brand Integration

Becoming a larger trend in recent years, environmental graphics and branding can connect users to your space. It can "reinforce internal character and values to existing employees, and can even help boost recruiting and strengthen client relationships."

Cafes and Community

Highlighting your organization's food/mission in community areas encourages innovation and collaboration. It also provides an outlet to highlight new products.

Test and R&D Kitchens

While prominently featuring your test or R&D kitchen within the corporate office creates design and construction challenges, it's worthwhile. At the heart of every F&B company is its kitchen, but it's important for you to find the right balance between transparency and proprietary information.

The Living Office

Empowering your employees to embrace their own, unique work style creates a living office environment and can be a powerful recruitment tool. Work with your design team to appropriately plan and develop these spaces in alignment with your office culture.

Best Practices

Take ample time in the beginning to design your corporate campus in a purposeful way. All of your workgroups have varying needs and requests. By understanding these intricacies, your design team can proactively identify challenges and reveal impactful design opportunities.  

To learn more about how Bob Evans incorporated these design trends, read the full article here.

Source: "F&B Headquarters ABCs" by Modern Restaurant Magazine 

Megan Grooms


Communications Specialist

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