Suzanne Cody

by Suzanne Cody

Director of Marketing

Top 10 Things You Need to Know When Visiting Russia

  • FEBRUARY 07, 2014
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In honor of the start of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia I had some of my coworkers here at M+A put together a list of the top ten things you need to know when visiting Russia.  M+A has been doing work in Russia for five years now and we've learned a lot from our time there and from our Russian colleagues.

1. When invited to a Russian's house be prepared to be fed very well and bring alcohol.

2. Find out where the party is and go to it.

3. Never stay sober when Russians are drinking.

4. Get to know Russian humor. It is a bit different from American.

5. When having conversations at a party - forget about political correctness. You will be expected to talk about politics, sex, and religion.

6. When talking about these issues don't be positive - complain. Russians enjoy criticizing with the best.

7. Visit Saint Petersburg during the "white nights" (from May to July). This is the time when they have "endless days" - the sun never goes down.

8. Go to Bolshoi Theater. Russian Ballet is the best.

9. Russians share a lot of fun stories (anekdots). You can make good friends by having a few anekdots ready for any occasion.

10. While in Moscow visit the Moscow subway. Many stations are decorated with marble and precious stones like that in the Tsar's palace.

For more fun tips on visiting the largest country in the world go here to find out the top ten things never to say or do in Russia.

Russia-OfficeNext-Award Representatives from our office accepting the award for Best Foreign Office Project at OfficeNext's Awards in Moscow.


Suzanne Cody

by Suzanne Cody

Director of Marketing

Before switching to a marketing role, Suzanne worked on projects for M+A and has a Bachelor of Science in Architecture. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her kids, riding in Pelotonia and eating at Cameron Mitchell restaurants.