2610 Vine Street / Dive Bar

Ideal urban living.

Adjacent to the University of Cincinnati, this project consists of the selective demolition, renovation, and addition to the existing buildings at 2608 and 2610 Vine Street. 2610 is currently a 3 story vacant building while 2608 functions as a local bar and grill. The objective of the project is to expand the bar at street level to the adjacent 2610 building and construct 2 apartments on the second and third floors. The architecture will create a contrast between the existing fa├žade and the new modern construction above.

The 2 buildings will be interconnected at street level to expand the bar area while the basement of 2610 will be renovated into a 3 seasons room with a retractable roof and overhead doors to create an open air experience. 2608 will receive a new deck/walkway from Vine Street to a new rear deck that encompasses the rear of both 2608 and 2610 as well as the retractable roof element. A second floor deck will also be constructed at the rear of 2608 as well as an access stair that wraps around 2608 to Vine Street.

The 2nd floor of 2610 will be one, two-bedroom 1.5 bathroom unit with individual access from the rear. The 3rd floor and mezzanine will be one, four bedroom 2.5 bathroom unit with access from Vine Street. Exterior cladding of the new building is expected to be synthetic stucco, exposed precast, aluminum storefront and glazing, and exposed steel structure.