Ashford at Sturbridge Assisted Living

Abandoning the idea of traditional senior living facilities.

Our design principles for Sturbridge Affordable Assisted Living are simple. We abandoned the idea of traditional, hospital-like institutional design and instead, we focus on creating a home, based on a resident-centered and hospitality approach. In this design concept, the quality of resident life, improved resident outcomes and greater customer and staff satisfaction are first priorities. Our senior population is waiting longer to leave home, so many times they are older and more aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. This is why our design includes a health and wellness area, with fitness center, spa, health assessment office and an educational materials (healthy living) library, along with a full service kitchen and dining room offering healthy food choices and a welcoming atmosphere. All of these factors contribute to a truly holistic mind/body wellness environment and allow residents to be as fit and well as possible.

The core of the design centers on elements of hospitality:  foyer, bistro, libraries, etc. Surrounding that core are the resident rooms featuring home-like qualities including large windows to allow ample natural light and promote the body's circadian rhythm, natural materials, fabric draperies, and residential furniture that allow for personalization. There are also multiple small-sized lounges and activity spaces flexible enough to provide both quiet areas and opportunities for impromptu socialization.

Challenges with this project have been the compact and small size of the site as well as the zoning challenges that are associated with that.