Dublin Methodist Hospital USP 800 Pharmacy Upgrades | OhioHealth

Complying to ever-tightening regulations.

As part of a system-wide upgrade of all 797/800 compounding pharmacies for OhioHealth, M+A Architects studied the existing space and made recommendations for how to upgrade the Class 7 pharmacy at the Dublin Methodist Hospital to current USP standards. Non-hazardous and preparing for hazardous (HD) compounding is performed at the facility.
The renovation was designed to accommodate ProPharma pre-fabricated modules. This design kept the existing buffer room as the positive buffer room with a new negative buffer room created from a portion of the existing buffer room.

The ante room was enlarged and given new doors into each buffer room and a new deep hands free sink was provided. A new clean room pass through was provided for each buffer room.
HVAC upgrades included a new roof top unit and exhaust fans. New HEPA fan filter units were installed for the new positive and negative clean rooms and ante room.