Easton Management Office

Innovative, employee focused office.

Easton is a fast-paced, high-energy, and customer-oriented place. The hub of this powerful entity are the management offices, which were desperately in need of an upgrade to reflect the empire they serve. Working with the Easton Management Team from Steiner + Associates, the design focus was to create a space that fostered authentic engagement, while elevating the Easton experience. To accomplish this meant renovating the old Shadowbox location, despite several challenges including a partial mezzanine, egress stairs and multiple layers of ductwork to contend with. With this in mind, we created a space that embodies Easton, taking cues from different districts for lighting, using iconic materials from the Station Building, and focusing on progressive technology integration.

Being almost a two-story space, we found ways to rework the mezzanine into the office that would allow for more flow and creative touchdown spots. Conference spaces were a premium focus, and designed with flow and function. A carefully crafted communal cafe serves as a collaboration space for connection. With concerns about acoustics with an open office environment and movie theaters located above the space, we worked diligently in our material selection and incorporated acoustic clouds that become design elements while functioning acoustically.