Keller Logistics

A new headquarters that support small company culture but operates
for large corporate capabilities.

Keller Logistics, a trucking, shipping, and logistics company, located in Defiance, Ohio have outgrown their current office building. Anticipating doubling the size of the company within the next five years, employee attraction and retention have been a focus while dreaming up their new headquarters. A home away from home, employees of Keller Logistics look forward to going to work every day and will now have a new space to enhance that feeling.

With a conservative budget, the building has been a work of innovation and dedication to producing the best possible outcome while being mindful of the quality and quantity of the materials used. The design has come to life based on the site, the parking needed, and the desired amenities spaces. In addition, the client plans to maximize sustainability efforts through solar panels and geothermal systems incorporated into the building design.

Located in a small, rural town in Ohio, the future office space will be an oasis of amenity spaces. With the possibilities of a basketball court, a potential gym, and space for rotating amenity options, it gives the employees the chance to see work beyond a traditional desk job. The building will communicate and radiate the spirit of camaraderie, hard work, and the giving heart of the employees that work there every day.