Mo Joe Lounge

Concepts integrated into one cohesive space.

This restaurant for Cup O Joe is located in the recently renovated Lazarus Building in downtown Columbus. It is the first time in which the coffee and bar/lounge concepts have been integrated into one cohesive space. Our plan achieves integration and allows the space to feel as one concept, while allowing the owner to be more efficient operationally. M+A’s designers worked tirelessly to create a new sophisticated design that takes their space from a coffee shop and lunch hang-out by day, to a hip bar and lounge at night. This was achieved by using clean finishes and detailing coupled with dramatic lighting. The space presented a big challenge with 20-foot high ceilings and 17-foot high windows. Our team solved this with fabric swirls (like cappuccino swirls) that bring the height down, creating a more intimate space. These swirls become the light fixtures, catching white light by day and amber light in the evening.