MRgFUS Suite | Riverside Methodist Hospital

Renovation to accommodate new medical technology.

MRgFUS (Magnetic Resonance Guided Focused UltraSound Suite at Riverside Methodist Hospital) is new medical technology that permits non-surgical removal of internal tumors, making use of high-intensity ultrasound to ablate tissue using real-time magnetic resonance imaging. Located within the existing MR suite at Riverside, we were challenged to design the renovation to accommodate this new piece of equipment and all of it’s requirements in a manner that would be comfortable both for the patient, who might undergo treatments lasting a few hours, and their accompanying family members or friends who are invited to sit with the patient during those extended procedures.  Typical MR requirements applied, such as copper shielding on all six sides of the room and non-magnetic lighting and overall fit-out in the room, but these requirements were amplified by the need to also protect the magnet from possible leaks and vibration from an existing mechanical room above, as well as a need to accommodate the FUS equipment.  This $350,000 project, renovating approximately 800 SF of space, was delivered in 2012 via the tradition design-bid-build project delivery method.