North Orange Family Dental

A comfortable, high-tech dental experience.

North Orange Family Dental is passionate about delivering the most modern, high-tech dental experience possible to their patients by making their treatments more efficient, more comfortable and more accessible for the entire family.

With North Orange’s motto of “Advanced Family Care” at the core, M+A’s design of their new stand-alone, dental center focuses on providing a place where they can not only provide their services in an efficient way but also keep their clients’ needs at the forefront.

Both interior and exterior designs were done to maximize efficiency of space, while keeping patient spaces near natural daylight. Modern-yet approachable was the aesthetic set forth by the client, which meant a blending of “techie” finishes mixed with warm woods for personality. A training area provides a space where staff can learn how to implement the latest in dental technology to benefit patients, and the consultation rooms help staff educate patients on how to make informed decisions about their treatment. In the lobby area, a dedicated kids area was designed to let children have a space that was playful and inviting. The branding for the building was one way we brought color into the design but allowed for future flexibility and change.