Riverside Landing at Delaware Place

Hotel site to senior living facility.

Riverside Landing at Delaware Place is a phased, residential development that redeveloped the former Delaware Hotel site. When all phases are completed, it will include 89 housing units for senior residents age 55 and older. The development also includes a wellness center on site.

Phase I of the project consists of 49 residential units located in a 4 story building and 5 single story duplex villas (10 units). The design of these buildings is intended to reference the many historic buildings in downtown Delaware and Ohio Wesleyan University as well as the large farm houses and mansions along US 23. The architectural design is a classic style with materials that simulates the typical palette of the local vernacular. Phase II will consist of 26 units located in a three-story building and two duplex villas (4 units) along with a 10,000 sf Wellness Center.

The project is certified as an Enterprise Green Community, fulfilling their criteria to deliver significant health, economic and environmental benefits to low-income families.