Schoedinger's Funeral Home | Upper Arlington

Bringing Light and Modernity to a Community Cornerstone

M+A Architects, in collaboration with the Dallas-based interior design firm, JTS, has helped Schoedinger’s Funeral Home leap into an era of modernity with a two-addition renovation. M+A focused on opening up the former space and bringing in natural light to provide a vibrant, yet comforting space for families. Maintaining the rhythm of the historic building, M+A created a multifunctional gathering space that holds up to 300 visitors, an exterior courtyard that bleeds from a new chapel and a technology-friendly reception space for music and slideshows. M+A incorporated simple, though bold, designs with materials like translucent glass to help facilitate the overall mission to stream light throughout the building.

The overall design concept focuses on inspiration and grounding for families. Seen throughout the facility are the fundamentals of humanity: earth, air, water and fire. Earth is reflected in the hand-crafted stone on the exterior and interior of the building. Air is reflected in the bright, openness of the chapel and gathering areas. Water is reflected in the new Schoedinger waterfall sign and the fountain located in the outdoor courtyard. Fire is reflected in the two warm fireplaces in the courtyard and in the gathering area.

The project was a labor of love in honor of the Schoedinger family and its loving service to families in the Columbus community.