Your buildings and campuses are integral facilitators of your institution’s educational missions. Subject to specific budgets, rigid timeframes, and multiple stakeholders, these projects benefit from a nuanced understanding of design, construction and community culture to yield great educational environments.

Environments that facilitate education

While not all facilities contain classrooms, facilitating your students’ education will always be the core reason behind your new and renovated spaces. From operationally efficient administrative offices, to spaces that promote student development and provide requested amenities—students, faculty and staff benefit from purposeful campus design.

A detailed approach for a complex environment

An educational campus is a complex site for design and construction. Logistically challenging with many moving pieces, including students often on site, a thorough planning effort, detailed documents and attentive construction administration goes a long way towards ensuring project success, including prioritizing the essence of campus life.

Accessibility Assessments

Locating areas of non-compliance with relevant guidelines—ADAAG, ANSI, and/or FHA—and providing cost effective solutions to address deficiencies and help you mitigate risk.

Permanent + Temporary Experiential Design

Designing printed graphics and tactile installations that seamlessly integrate into an environment to communicate a sense of place through organizing information, amplifying a brand, or defining a culture.


Selecting, planning and managing your furniture, fixtures, and equipment package that aligns with your needs, design standards and budget, and promotes productivity by making users feel comfortable.

Information Technology Integration

Being thoughtful about the placement of innovative tools and the building systems that support those tools. Truly incorporating technology seamlessly into the design.

Interior Design

Creating environments that work on an aesthetic and functional level, interior design is an extension of the building’s architectural concepts. We seamlessly tie the two together by incorporating unique design details that represent the distinctive aspects of your business.

Lighting Design

Thinking about lighting design holistically from the onset of a project, our team designs so that both artificial and natural light can have positive impacts on your environment. We think about how each fixture fulfills functional, aesthetic and energy efficiency needs to provide you with the best lighting solution for each area.

Master Planning

Long-range planning efforts aimed at optimizing your current and future facilities in support of your organization’s mission, operational needs or business goals.

Sustainable Design

While certification may not be the pathway for all projects, we can design to fulfill any level of sustainable design you desire including achieving a variety of certifications - LEED, WELL, and Living-Building Challenge.