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Imagining the Future of Outpatient Healthcare

  • MARCH 06, 2014
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The next generation of healthcare in the United States is all about wellness. As creators of healthcare environments, we’re reimagining the kind of environments that support wellness—making places people want to be and creating opportunities for healthy, vigorous, integrated care in environments that tie into and support the social fabric of our lives.

The Affordable Care Act implements changes to reimbursement models that encourage providers to find ways to keep their care populations healthy.  We think our team has something special to offer our healthcare clients as they think about how to do that.

Coming on two years ago, K|M+A Healthcare Studio and M+A Architects embarked on a journey of collaboration – one that we think will be a huge benefit to our healthcare clients in today’s changing healthcare marketplace.

What creative new paradigms might come of pairing experienced healthcare architects with the creative energy behind Easton Town Center?  How can we use retail, hospitality and restaurant environments to inform us about places people look upon as desirable destinations?  Places where social connections are nurtured and built around healthy, vigorous life habits?  How do we help people integrate care for their health into their everyday lives AND have those experiences be enjoyable?

Easton and BE

More recently, what can the health-conscious workplace environment that is the new Bob Evans Farms Corporate Campus teach us about how to make better healthcare workplaces?  Hospital campuses may be places patients come for care, but they are also where physicians, nurses, administrators and a myriad of other providers and support staff come to work. Shouldn’t healthcare workplace environments be the healthiest of all workplaces? MA Logos Combined

Recognizing how much our collaboration has to offer our healthcare clients going forward, in 2014 we are going for simplicity. K|M+A Healthcare Studio staff will remain a specialty studio within M+A, but in recognition of the strength of our combined resources, we are moving forward together under a single name—M+A Architects.

Let us share with you our vision for the next generation of healthcare architecture.

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