Milda Pittman

Project Captain

AIA Assoc.

Cool, calm and collective, Milda holds herself to a higher standard than what’s set, driven to deliver. Originally from Lithuania, and having lived in Spain and Scotland for her architectural education, her international exposure to architecture and design serves as one of her greatest differentiators, with a perspective that allows clients to see different potential than ever thought possible. Milda values the importance of organization from conception through completion, motivated by the diversity of challenges and energized by the constant changes. Having worked for general contractors and engineers, she understands all aspects of project teams, with a calm demeanor that keeps her team’s balanced during fast-paced projects and organization that continues progress. Milda’s project management skills and work ethic position her as the ideal project partner to do what it takes to get the job done.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania
  • Master in Urban Planning, Edinburg College of Art, Scotland
  • Exchange Program - Universidad Politechnica de Valencia, Spain


  • Milda enjoys detailed work such as crafting, cooking, sewing, and knitting. She especially loves to incorporate her kids into her hobbies and activities, anything stuffed animals to playhouses made out of old boxes.