Noor Anani

Project Captain

Noor’s success for her clients is rooted in her trained approach to remaining detail driven, in even the smallest considerations, when working on complex projects and leading processes for large scale projects. To her, being an architectural partner also means being an advocate for her clients, and she has received continuous praise for her ability to champion her client’s vision, working together to make it a reality. Noor’s calm confidence is shaped by her ability to organize, manage and drive the project process, and her electric energy is sourced from the possibilities she sees in a space’s impact on making meaningful experiences for communities and beyond. With decades of experience in technical architecture processes and programs, like Revit, to her experience and exposure with city planning, Noor approaches projects from a comprehensive standpoint, using her collective knowledge to shape a successful project and a satisfied client.


  • Master of City and Regional Planning, The Ohio State University
  • Bachelor of Architecture, American University of Sharjah