IT Service Department Renovation

Designed to help recruit and retain top talent.

To support recruitment and retention efforts, M+A modernized existing office space to consolidate all Information Technology services into the same location. The design fosters a collaborative environment, dispersing private offices throughout the open office floorplan, allowing for cross-pollination of ideas among various departments.

Natural light was a main design driver. Floor-to-ceiling windows were installed allowing all occupants exposure to natural daylight and scenic views of downtown Columbus. Collaborative workshop spaces were integrated throughout the design to support information sharing and cultivate a team-oriented culture.

Working with senior leadership, a standard furniture package was created that will be implemented on all future projects. The package provides flexibility for varying work styles, allowing employees to choose a workstation that fits their preferences -- including standing vs. sitting options.

With the nature of this renovation being IT Services, proper integration of technology was a key focus. Data center downtime was not an option, therefore all work was phased and completed in a manner that did not disrupt daily work functions.