Overmyer Hall & Associates

We love watching our clients grow.

Named one of Central Ohio’s Fast 50, Overmyer Hall & Associates (OHA) had quickly grown out of its old space and needed something new and fresh that represented the company and its brand. The new office space provides room for growth and reconnects OHA to the city with a new location in Upper Arlington, just outside the urban core.

During the discovery phase of this project, M+A dug into OHA’s brand and culture and found that client experience was most important. From there M+A learned all about OHA clients, how OHA serves them best, and how OHA helps its clients succeed, which ignited the office’s design inspiration: urban residential.

OHA’s new office needed to facilitate client interaction in a more familiar setting. The design blends the concept of urban workplaces with residential spaces. We felt this combination of attitudes, having a city experience with cues from the home, would appeal to their clients, new and old, and to current and prospective employees. Respecting some of the current branded elements in the space was one key element of implementing the design. Then, using a neutral palette as the base we interjected pops of OHA brand colors to give unexpected moments of energy and to voice some of their core cultural traits.